COMMENTS AF FORM 931 20140701 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The information in this form is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. AIRMAN COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT ACA WORKSHEET AB thru TSgt PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT AUTHORITY Title 10 United States Code U.S.C. 8013 Secretary of the Air Force and AFI 36-2406. PURPOSE Used to document effectiveness/duty performance history. ROUTINE USES May specifically be disclosed outside the DoD as a routine use pursuant to 5 U*S*C. 552a b 3. DoD...
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Comments and Help with af form 931 fillable

Who needs an Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA) Worksheet (AB thru TSgt)?

The Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA) Worksheet (AB thru TSg) is a United States Department of Defense form, also known as AF Form 931. The form must be filed out in order to record military members’ (whose grades fall from AB to TSg) effectiveness and duty history. There are two people involved in the completion of the AF-931 Form: the ratee and the rater, who is the ratee’s supervisor. The rater must fill out the form at the time of Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA) session to provide feedback on the airman’s performance. During the assessment the supervisor is supposed to explain what is expected regarding duty performance and how well the ratee manages to meet those expectations.

Is the AF form 931 accompanied by any other documents?

No, there is no need to accompany the form with any other forms or worksheets.  Upon its completion the form must be included in the ratee’s personal file.

When is the AF-931 form due?

Depending on the time when the assessment session is being held, it can be initial, mid-term, follow-up, ratee-requested, or rater-directed. Therefore, the due dates of the form AF-931 can vary corresponding to the type of assessment.

How to fill out the ACA Worksheet AF-931?

The AF form 931 is a two-page document that requires collaborative completion of the two parties: the ratee and the rater.

Firstly, the rater must complete the first two sections of the form in order to indicate the ratee’s name, rank and unit, and the type of assessment.

The third section is meant for the ratee’s completion. In this section, the ratee is supposed to assess his own scale of responsibility,  accountability, engagement in air force culture, etc.

The ratee will then return the form for the rater’s further completion on the following issues:

  • Airman’s Critical Role in Support of the Mission;
  • Individual Readiness Index;
  • Followership/Leadership;
  • Whole Airman Concept;
  • Knowing the Airman.

Finally, both military members must sign and date the filled out ACA Worksheet.

Where to send the completed Form AF-931?

As already mentioned, the filed out AF-931 must be kept in the military’s personal file. In case of need, it may be checked by the Commander.

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